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Registration of your company

BIS OFFSHORE is able to register your company in a timely manner and at the best price in the following jurisdictions, through our offices:

Full administrative management of your company

BIS OFFSHORE offers a full service from A to Z, not simply registering your company. In fact, our account managers are all specialists in company law and are at your disposal throughout the year to:

  • Answer all your questions of a general nature.
  • Add or remove a company shareholder or director.
  • Sign contracts on behalf of the company.
  • Change the name of your company.
  • Open a bank account on behalf of the company.
  • Produce additional company documentation (Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing. etc.)
  • Dissolve the company.
  • Increase/decrease your company share capital.
  • Transfer the company from another agent.

Additionally, in our administrative capacity, we can provide you, upon request, with an updated record of your company shareholders, directors, and secretaries as we keep this updated for all the companies that we manage.

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