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Bank Account Opening



Where to open bank account is extremely important. If offshore company has not opened its account, it means the company has not been established yet.


Necessary criteria for opening account as follows:

  •  Prestige, professional bank
  •  High security for client
  •  Having internet banking, fax banking, voice banking service
  •  Able to receive Debit, Credit card
  •  Simple international payment procedure
  •  Low fee
  •  Fast transaction
  •  Require direct presence of client when opening account or not
  •  Low expense of opening account, deposit in account .


Our company supplies account opening service for companies, individuals at prestige bank in the world like Switzeland, Ship island, Baltic countries, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, USA, etc. Our consultants shall help you arrange necessary papers, prepare for opening account easily and quickly. If opening account requires your presence in the bank, our company shall support visa, guide in the bank.

Offshore company is not forced to open account at registration place. For example, your company may register at Belize but opening account in HSBC Hong Kong.

We only base on banks that satisfy the aforesaid criteria, especially prestige and information security criteria are confirmed and protected by law.

Please study hard below banks for your reference before opening your account.




The fomality requirements of an account opening

To open an account, it is necessary to consider a Bank at your purposes.  

provide us the following formalities after choosing.

1. All original papers of offshore company

2. The original passport (valid)

3. ID card

4. Invoice:

One of the invoices following: phone desktop, mobile phone, electricity, water, banking account statements-valid within 3 latest months

Invoice must bear the name, the address of the company’ owner and be shown in English. If not, must be translated and notarized.

5. The business plan of the company, including:

  • Line of Business, type of goods
  • contry where providers and sellers come from (company’s name, name of director, phone number, fax..)
  • anticipated annual revenue.
  • Anticipated annual expenses
  • Anticipated annual bank transactions.
  • Address, Email, phone number for bank reference

6.The document requirement of maintaining company

  • Business registration that must be translated and notarized
  • bank account statements of the company (valid within 3latest months)
  • Provision of 3 or 4 files of import and export document of the company
  • Foreign trade contracts
  • Invoices
  • Packing list
  • Telegraphic transfer (MT103)
  • Bill of lading
  • Papers : customs declaration, insurance, certificate of origin, Catalog advertisement of company, websites…

Our company will fill out the necessary formilities at the request of the bank,  obtaining audit authentication at the local audit firms (banks are accepted),  support customers to  supplement the deficiencies in the preparation process, make interview arrangement with banker where your account will be opened.

The success of opening your account completely depend on the approval of the bank and your fully document preparation.